Holi is a day in India when people throw brightly coloured water and powder over just about everyone they can! It is often known as the festival of colours and is connected with spring. Lord Krishna and the cowherd maidens also played by spraying coloured water at one other! During the evening there is a bonfire. This fire is part of the following story:

Five year old Prince Prahlada refused to obey his demoniac father, Hiranyakashipu, who was the most powerful person in the universe. Thus the wicked Hiranyakashipu tried to kill and torture Prahlada in many ways. However, Prahlad was protected by God. At one time, Hiranyakashipu’s wicked sister Holika (hence ‘Holi’) tried to kill Prahlad by carrying the child into a blazing fire. She had a boon that protected her from fire, but in this instance, the saintly Prahlad was protected, whilst his evil aunt burned to ashes.